About Us

Stand Energy Corporation has been an energy leader in the natural gas industry since 1984. Our proven history of financial strength and experience allows us to offer you the most cost-effective energy purchasing programs available in the industry.

Many energy service providers are affiliated with natural gas producers, transmission companies, or local gas distribution companies. This means they have a vested interest in selling you a pre-packaged offer of services and supplies. Stand Energy Corporation is completely independent, which gives us the freedom to explore all supply and service alternatives, and offer you the most cost effective and responsible energy choices.

We consider our clientele to be energy partners. Our goal is to provide efficient, reliable, and cost effective alternatives for energy supply. By developing customized energy solutions that exceed the services offered from the local distribution utility, Stand Energy Corporation is able to maximize cost savings opportunities from alternative supply options.

Stand Energy has experience serving customers behind multiple Local Distribution Companies (a.k.a "LDC's" or "local utilities") in an ever-expanding regional marketplace. Our diversified supply and firm pipeline capacity, coupled with our vast operating expertise allows us to provide plentiful, low-cost and dependable energy.

Stand Energy Corporation’s Electric Division offers clients the same independent advice that we provide our natural gas customers.  Representing the largest electricity suppliers in market, Stand Energy works with our clients to develop strategies that best fit their energy requirements.  We have the resources and risk management expertise to customize a money-saving solution.