Diverse Supplier

Supplier Diversity is no longer just a business catch phrase nor does it apply only to the Federal Government. Companies of all types are positioning Supplier Diversity programs in their procurement strategies to increase sales, gain access to new markets, meet corporate goals, and survive in a changing economy.

Many businesses today are not only requiring a certain percentage of their direct suppliers (Tier 1) to be diverse, they are also setting diversity spending goals in sub-contracting (Tier 2). 

Although you may not have diversity spending requirements, dollars you spend with a diverse supplier may help your customers meet their goals.


Stand Energy Corporation is proud to be a Certified Diverse Supplier. Partnering with minority and women-owned suppliers and other diverse groups isn’t just good practice - it’s good for business.  

Benefits of choosing a Diverse Supplier such as Stand Energy

  • Gain a competitive edge through a better understanding of the needs of diverse customers
  • Meet or exceed Corporate diversity spend goals
  • Often find better value and service resulting from the “try harder” attitude of Diverse Suppliers
  • Win customer loyalty by reflecting the demographics of the markets served
  • Comply with U.S. Federal Government requirements
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility concerning fairness and inclusion

Contact us to find out how our status as a Diverse Supplier can benefit you.