Customer Service


Customized Billing Solutions

 Whether you have one master meter or multiple utility meters within a utility service territory, Stand Energy Corporation can systematically collect consumption data  and offer a consolidated billing solution tailored specifically for you.

Data Safety and Security

Stand Energy Corporation has a detailed catastrophic emergency plan that includes off site network vaulting, data recovery, and a wide range of storage restores.

Project Finance

From the smallest start-up operation to the largest corporations, cash is the lifeblood of any company. Cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities should be taken advantage of. Stand Energy Corporation can provide term financing for infrastructure and industrial projects that are energy related.


ACH (Automated Clearing House) Withdrawals

To automatically withdraw payments from your checking account on a monthly basis, simply email our accounts receivable department at BILLING@STANDENERGY.COM

Click here for the printable PDF ACH form

 Wire Transfers

Wiring information is provided on customer invoices.  For invoices over $100,000.00 SEC requires payment by wire transfer.

Check Payment by Standard Mail:

P.O. Box 632712

Cincinnati, Ohio 45263-2712

Electronic Payment by EDI