Why Us?

Stability. Since Stand Energy Corporation’s beginning, there have been dozens of natural gas marketing companies enter and exit the business; many leaving their customers stranded with no gas supplies. Stand Energy has built its success on our ability to deliver reliable energy sources and services with significant cost savings. Stand Energy has the experience, knowledge, and technology to serve customers with a single location or multiple facilities across the country.

Independence. Stand Energy is completely independent. Many energy providers are affiliated with utilities, transmission companies, or pipelines. This means that they may be biased toward selling you products and services based on the needs of their parent company. Because Stand Energy is completely independent, we have the freedom to explore all supply and service options, and offer you the most cost effective and responsible energy choices.

Expertise. Stand Energy supplies natural gas to customers behind numerous utility companies throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic region. We have built a team of professionals with expertise in all areas of energy production, consumption, and transportation.

Advocacy.  As a customer advocate, Stand Energy has been instrumental in challenging the status quo at utility companies and regulatory agencies. This has created opportunities for our customers that may have never before existed by breaking down barriers to a competitive energy landscape. One such example was Stand Energy’s proposal that an entirely new class of customer be created, resulting in school districts that would have not previously qualified to participate in gas transportation currently being able to do so.